Our Team

Founder, Leader, Mentor
Philip B. Smith (1936 - 2016)


Managing Directors:

Alice V. Clark

Email: aclark@iqventureadvisors.com
Insurance, business and estate planning, and investments.

David Cripps

Email: dcripps@iqventureadvisors.com
International asset advisory.

Mark J. Happe

Email: mhappe@iqventureadvisors.com
Compliance, legal, regulatory, and risk management in financial services with an emphasis on FinTech start-ups.

Kevin Hurley

Email: khurley@iqventureadvisors.com
Economic and financial research, investment management, and hedge funds.

Janet F. Levitt

Email: jlevitt@iqventureadvisors.com
Venture capital, charitable foundations, medical research and development, and alternative investments.

Cyrus Quadland

Email: cquadland@iqventureadvisors.com
Risk Management and transactional due diligence.

Glenn Sharpe
Email: gsharpe@iqventureadvisors.com
Private equity, Small Business Investment Companies, and real estate.

Will Tifft

Email: wtifft@iqventureadvisors.com
Media strategy and operations, corporate communications.


S.F. (Sal) Accardo

Email: saccardo@iqventureadvisors.com
Venture capital in technology and alternative investments.

Peter Burnim

Email: pburnim@iqventureadvisors.com
Corporate and private banking, capital markets, insurance, and alternative investments.

Bruno Fortier

Email: bfortier@iqventureadvisors.com
Canadian businesses and investments.

Ezra Grossman

Email: egrossman@iqventureadvisors.com
Real estate investment.

Helen MacKenzie

Email: hmackenzie@iqventureadvisors,com
Venture capital and private equity funds, enterprise and digital media companies, governance and financing for private companies, West Coast liaison.

Arthur Petrou

Email: apetrou@iqventureadvisors.com
Management consulting and venture capital.

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